Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Patti here...Today was my first official day of Greek language training. Had a bit of a rough start to the day with an upset tummy, but things got better as the day progressed. My instructor is very nice. Her name is Photine, which in Greek means "full of light". We focused the learning on the alphabet and sounds mostly. It was a bit frustrating to me not to be as quick a study as I would have liked. All those new letters were a bit hard to remember for this grandma! Speaking of being a grandma, I think I will post some pix of the grandkids!

Beck, 21 months

Ainsley, 5 months

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Odyssey

Hello to one and all! Our Greek adventure is now in the preparation phase. We have completed the Joint Military Attache School and are currently engrossed in studying the Greek language and culture. We are 9 months out from ETA (estimated time of arrival) in country. Our summer break after JMAS was busy with visits from all the kids and a quick trip to Utah to settle Charity in at BYU.

Here is the most recent photo of our family taken August 2006. The little ones are Ainsley (in Dave's lap) and Beck (with Christian). The girls from left to right are Jennifer, Cyndi, Charity, and Adrienne.