Monday, December 17, 2007

The Smith Adventures

October brought the BIG CROWD! What a blast! A huge slumber party with 10 adults in our little house! We went everywhere! It was great fun! Here are some of the photos documenting our trips to the sights in Athens, the Peloponese, on the cruise to Mykonos, Rhodes, Ephesus, and Patmos, and to Sounio. For some reason, we don't have photos of the day in Delphi. Maybe that is because Patti did not go and Dave was in charge of the camera???????? The picture we SHOULD have is of the family playing Phase 10 EVERY EVENING and Lane and others with their IPODS (newest toy) in their ears!!!

Visiting the Temple of the Olympian Zeus in Athens

On the cruise


Brent and friend in Rhodes

Lunch at the family-run taverna in Rhodes

Scene from the Street of the Knights in Rhodes



Ancient windmills on the island of Patmos

At the Bourtzi Castle in the Harbor of Nafplio


The Gang at Sounio

Saturday, December 15, 2007

September in Greece

September brought a bit of a break in the heat, but still plenty of sunshine and chances for exploring ancient sights. Chad and Elissa Fix came to stay with us for two weeks and we had a marvelous time exploring together and enjoying their company. We had so much fun with them, introducing them to souvlaki, Greek yoghurt with honey, tyrokafteri, and Greek salad. We went to Corinth, Nafplio, Epidavro Theatre, and Mycenae in the Peloponese. We climbed around ancient temples at Sounio and Delphi. We sent them on ferries to the islands of Crete, Kefalonia, Ithaca, and Hydra and on the metro to explore the museums and the Acropolis and other famous sights in and around Athens. We shopped in the Plaka, buying jewelry from George and sandals from John Lennon's and Jackie Onassis' personal sandalmaker. We played games and chatted into the evening on our balcony with the beautiful view. It was a great time and we hope they will come again!