Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mr. Otterson becomes "Gyro Man!"

The first week of August, the temperatures were soaring and another "hottie" came to visit us in Greece. Ben Otterson, aka Mr. O, came for 6 days, way too short, but we did our best to see everything we could. We saw the sites of Athens, shopped for souvenirs, ate good food at many Greekeries, and even did a day trip to Hydra and a bus tour of Delphi and Meteora. Ben was even able to be one of our guests at an official dinner we hosted in our home for the British Attaches. He thoroughly impressed the Brits with his knowledge of and love for the game of "European football" otherwise known by Americans as "soccer". Here are some photos of our fun!


Christian & Jennifer said...

We love all the pictures and fun stuff, so keep at it! What game are you playing in that one picture with the cards on your heads? Arkansas Bluff?!?!

Patti Johansen said...

YEP! Arkansas Bluff! Fun!